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Nasdaq ‘Would Consider’ Creating a Crypto Exchange, Says CEO

The CEO of Nasdaq suggested Wednesday that the company could open a cryptocurrency exchange in the future.

The subject came up in an interview with CNBC, during which CEO Adena Friedman expressed openness to the idea.

“Certainly Nasdaq would consider becoming a crypto exchange over time,” Friedman remarked, adding:

“If we do look at it and say 'it's time, people are ready for a more regulated market,' for something that provides a fair experience for investors… I believe that digital currencies will continue to persist it's just a matter of how long it will take for that space to mature. Once you look at it and say, 'do we want to provide a regulated market for this?' Certainly Nasdaq would consider it.”

While Nasdaq is unlikely to launch such a service anytime soon, the company is no stranger to the tech itself. In addition to playing home to several blockchain-focused ETFs as well as public companies that are focused on the technology, Nasdaq has ..

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Joins Nasdaq to Surveil for Market Manipulation

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Joins Nasdaq to Surveil for Market Manipulation Thomas Delahunty | April 25, 2018 | 5:20 pm