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Parsley Health picks up $10 million to reimagine health care

According to Parsley Health, the average adult spends 19 minutes with their physician every year. Seventy percent of the time, these short visits result in the prescription of a medication.

“According to the CDC, 70% of diseases in our country are chronic and lifestyle-driven,” said Parsley Health founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin. “And yet instead of addressing the root causes of health problems, medicine’s toolkit is limited to prescriptions and procedures, driving up costs while the average person gets sicker. The answer isn’t just another pill.”

Parsley Health, an annual $150 membership service, reimagines what medicine can be. The company focuses on the cause of an illness rather than simply throwing bandaids at the problem. But in order to do this, your doctor needs far more than 19 minutes of your time each year.

Today, Parsley announced the close of a $10 million Series A funding led by FirstMark Capital, with participation from Amplo, Trail Mix Ventures, Combine and The Cher..