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Chase Sapphire Preferred Card (CSP) Review

2018.4 Update: The offer is changed back to 50k+5k+first year annual fee waived quietly.

2018.2 Update: The new offer is 60k+5k! This is the highest offer ever! If you are still under 5/24, this is a good chance to get it! If you can’t see the 60k offer, please use incognito mode. Note that the first year annual fee is NOT waived for the 60k+5k offer. If you applied within 3 months, you can try to send a secured message to ask for a match.

2017.12 Update: Some readers report that they received targeted 60k+5k offers from Chase, via email or Selected for You online. Be aware that email offers can’t get you bypass Chase’s 524 rule while online Selected for You can. However, also keep in mind that any current Sapphire card holder or those received a Sapphire card sign-up bonus within last 24 months won’t be eligible for a new sign-up bonus.


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  1. 50k+5k offer: earn 50,000 Ultimate Rewards (UR) points after spending $4000 in the first 3 months, and get 5,000 more points by adding an authorized user and making a purchase within this same 3 month period.
  2. We estimate that Ultimate Rewards (UR) points are worth about 1.6 cents/point, see below for a brief introduction. So the 50k+5k sign-up bonus is worth about $880!
  3. If you have this card, you can transfer your UR points to partner airlines miles and hotel points.
  4. Earn 2x UR points on travel and dining. Earn 1x UR point per dollar spent on all other purchases. Chase is known to be quite flexible with their definition of travel and includes merchants such as Uber and some public transportation.
  5. Primary car rental insurance.
  6. No foreign transaction fee.
  7. Comes in a deep shade of blue, has a metal core so it weighs 0.4 oz and feels very sturdy, and overall feels very nice.
  8. Refer a friend: You can earn 10,000 bonus UR points for every approved account you refer, up to a maximum of 5 approved referrals (50,000 UR points) per calendar year.
  1. Annual fee $95, waived for the first year.

Introduction to UR Points

Recommended Application Time

  1. [5/24 Rule] If you have 5 or more new accounts opened in the past 24 months, Chase will reject your application for this card.The number of new accounts includes all credit card accounts, not only Chase accounts. Recently some data points have shown that there are exceptions to this rule, but if you really want this card, play it safe and be sure to apply for it as soon as you are eligible. See this post for details.
  2. The product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 24 months. Note that what this 24-month clock starts from when you last got the sign-up bonus, not the time you open the account or close the account.
  3. Don’t apply for more than 2 Chase credit cards within 30 days, it’s highly likely that you will get rejected.
  4. We recommend that you apply for this card after you have had other Chase credit cards for at least 3 months, or after you have had a credit history for more than a year.


It has been one of the most popular cards since it’s inception, and for good reason. The 55,000 UR points sign-up bonus is worth about $880! However, now you can only choose from either CSP or CSR in the 24 month period. And don’t forget the 5/24 Rule. You really have to choose between CSP and CSR!

Related Credit Cards

Recommended Downgrade Options

  • Chase Freedom. Even if you already have a Freedom, you are still able to downgrade your CSP to have a second Freedom.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited (CFU).
  • Chase Sapphire. If you are not able to downgrade your card to the above good cards, you can downgrade it to this card and try to product change in the future.

After Applying

  • Call 800-436-7927 to check Chase application status. This is an automated telephone line, and the information has the following meanings: Receive decision in 2 weeks means your application is probably approved; Receive decision in 7-10 days means your application is probably rejected; Receive decision in 30 days simply means your application requires further review and there’s nothing to tell you for now.
  • Chase reconsideration backdoor number: 888-270-2127 or 888-609-7805. Call it if you didn’t get approve immediately. Your personal information will be acquired and they will then review it. You seldom answer questions, instead, just enjoy the music and then you get approved or rejected, or further information is needed to be hand in to the branch or faxed.

Historical Offers Chart

Note: The offer appeared around 2014.1 had a $125 annual fee ($95 now), first year waived.

Application Link

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